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TommyThunderfoot and the Accelerators: Tunes

Been Here B4

(TommyThunderfoot and the Accelerators)
October 30, 2009
Tommy Thunderfoot
I wrote this song in 2005,in Austin,Texas,watching the Super Bowl with my dog,Elmore,and a bottle of Jose` Quervo.I took a shot every time the AFC scored because I was rooting for the NFC-the AFC won,but I didn't care.When the game was over,my Hispanic neighbors started in with the "oooom-pah-pah" music,so I turned on my 2200 watts of P.A. ,cranked up my guitar and wrote this song-it is about twice as long,live(it's over 8 minutes,here) and chock full o' echo and "Floyd" sounding guitar and vocals-not necessarily a blues song,but one I couldn't leave off the disc.