Jo Jo Wall - Bass/Vocals/Harp/Bluesman

Jo Jo learned music from a great source-his parents.He literally went from not being able to play the playing harmonica....overnight.He locked himself away in a room,and learned to play-it's just that simple.Years later,out of necessity,Jo Jo picked up a bass guitar and told his musical teachers he was ready for the big time-or at least some local stage time 'til he could get his hands on the big time!!!!!Long late nights in various clubs around the area,and later at Momma's Blues Palace -singing,playing harp and bass-seemed to only tease him about his musical ability.His next instrument to be victimized?GUITAR! After the Palace days,Jo Jo,Tommy Nolen,and Tommy Thunderfoot formed the band County Farm-a line from a Muddy Waters song.At the end of that band,Jo Jo took some time to assess his position and to re-claim his rightful place on stage with the Blues Palace Review and his own band Jo Jo and the Voodoo Junkies.Writing songs,playin' blues,livin' life-Jo Jo is always ready with a song, with a strong presence and the expertise to make the music flow,Jo Jo Wall is a welcome addition to the Accelerators -one show and you'll be a believer!!!!

Jonathan Williams - Drums/percussion

Jonathan Williams was created,not born.he grew up around the mt. pleasant area playing in various bands through the 90's and into the new millenniumwith music ranging from hard rock and heavy metal to jazz and latin influenced rock. In 2006,a change in the band line-up was needed,and at the time Craig the Monstah was on bass guitar.Craig recommended Jonathan and after one show he was the full time drummer.Jonathan brings the energy and spirit to the stage to transform any show from good to amazing.If you're lucky enough to catch our show with Jonathan,you'll understand why he is an Accelerator..