TommyThunderfoot - Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter

Tommy was born in Charleston,SC on Calhoun street at the health department before it was a health department.His parents never lived in the same place for more than a couple of years,so He's from all over..
In October of 1981,He picked up the guitar for the first time playing everything on Lp,cassette,and the radio that he could.
Keeping company with musicians,Tommy learned things in a short time he could never have learned on his own.When he heard Stevie Ray Vaughn for the first time,he didn't dig it.After a few heartbreaks, he learned to love it.He took a trip through the past to find all of Stevie's influences,and their influences,and so on down the line.Now the music he didn't really dig has swallowed him whole!
One particular night on a stage in downtown Charleston,a very special singer/mentor to Tommy commented that he didn't have a nickname.Always stomping his foot on that big ol' stage,even when the band was trying to be quiet...Tommy Thundefoot was born!
Tommy has played from Charleston,SC to Santa Monica,California with frequent stops in Florida,Mississippi,and Texas.With a style and flavor all his own,and a touch like no other,you are sure to be excited and stunned when you witness Tommy in action.
"Everywhere I go,people wanna know if I'll show 'em how to play guitar,and I say"I don't know if I can show you anything you don't already know,but I'd love to play some music with you and see what happens'.See music is the only thing I ever got for free,and the only thing that I still have after all these years.I can't give it up,and it won't let me go.I just want to share it with as many people as I can,you know,make 'em happy for a while."